Astro Tours for Cherry Springs State Park – Crystal Spheres

Cherry Springs State Park & Stash Nawrocki our local Astronomer, provides your ultimate stargazing experience here in Potter County just outside Coudersport Pa. During your visit to nearby Cherry Springs State Park, he’ll give you a new understanding of the universe & heavens above when you spend an evening with him. Your tour of The […]

Best Place to Star Gaze from Buzzfeed – Cherry Springs State Park. Come Explore the Skies & Lodge at our Cabin.

13 Best Places to Star Gaze in the USA and Cherry Springs State Park is named Number One. This 82-acre state park in Pennsylvania is a haven for both amateur and professional astronomers. It’s considered one of the “darkest” places east of the Mississippi (which in this case is a good thing!) and was certified […]

Star-Gazing Kindles Autistic Boy’s Learning, Speech at Cherry Springs State Park

See the Video – Will Yurman ventured to Cherry Springs’ star party in Pennsylvania and captured the touching story of how star-gazing changed an autistic boy’s life. His autism, diagnosed at an early age, left him closed off to people and the world. His passion for astronomy has opened him up to more than […]

So Long Saturn! Friday & Saturday Night at Cherry Springs State Park

 Friday & Saturday Night 08/15 – 16 at the Night Sky Viewing area.   Join park staff and volunteers as we look through telescopes to observe the last evening views of the ringed planet. Also enjoy a laser guided tour of the constellations and hear the legends and the myths that surround these patterns in […]